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Sophie can assist in sourcing or selling your jewels or works of art.  Would you like to start a collection or is there a piece that is no longer right for your collection? 

With an extensive network of contacts worldwide, Marquis is placed to source or sell your pieces at competitive market values.  Marquis navigates the market with the intention of procuring the best pieces for your collection acting on a 'finders fee basis.' 

Sophie marries her clients passions with sound investment advice.  

with an independent eye, Sophie helps build the best collections possible without being tied to any auction house, gallery or dealer.  This approach provides clients with a wider reach and a longer term perspective on collection development and collection management.  

Collection strategy, market intelligence, buyers reports, art fair acquisitions, auction navigation, gallery relationships, sales negotiation, auction bidding.  post sale follow up.  

Our private brokerage service gives you the reassurance. 

The minimum reserve is discussed and agreed with you, as we endeavour to reach the highest price.  

We discuss your collection disposal strategy and the available routes.  

Negotiation consignments with auction house and private sale. 

The analysis of selling options, valuations and appraisal of terms.  pre and post-sale management.  Lision with all third party professionals.  

Sophie helps you navigate the variety of options available.  to 

Track down your must-have creations.

Source the finest and rarest.  

Fully independent - clients interest in mind.  honest, open, transparent.  advising o nthe sale and acuision of work from antiques to contemporary.  

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