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Alexandria Domestic Services, LLC provides housecleaning services in Hunterdon County, NJ including: Alexandria Township, Annandale, Asbury, Bloomsbury, Califon, Clinton, Flemington, Frenchtown, Glen Gardner, : Hampton, High Bridge, Lebanon, Lebanon Township, Milford, Oldwick, Pittstown, Raritan Township, Readington, Stanton, Tewksbury, Whitehouse, and the surrounding , areas. Absolute Painting is a family-focused and genuine interior house painting contractor serving the Lawrence and Lenexa KS area. We care about your home and we care about you. If you#8217;re asking where can I find great inside house painters near me, you need to look no further. Absolute Painting will ensure your house painting needs are met with a friendly and professional attitude. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for cleaning lady near meWhen we come in to our customers' homes for the first time, we recommend a deep cleaning. This service can reach those areas in the home, a regular cleaning cannot. Although, a regular cleaning includes every room , in the house, it does not go beyond the basics. Depending on the size of your home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and , the amount of cleaning needed, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $300 for a standard house cleaning. If your home is particularly dirty or has a lot of clutter, you may need to pay more. You can see our house cleaning cost by contacting us. Our culture with our clients is to be professional, accommodating, and completely transparent about everything. We understand a lot of our clients don#8217;t want to be bothered dealing with us or shopping cleaning companies. They just want their house cleaned by reputable people for a fair price and they want the process to be quick and easy. We hear ya! That#8217;s why you can find anything you need to know right on our website, including cleaning prices. You can even book your house cleaning online in just a few minutes. Don#8217;t worry that the booking form is simple, we send you a Welcome Aboard Survey after you book that gives you a chance to express your preferences and customize your house cleaning to meet your unique needs.need a maidIt is much more relaxing to be in a clean environment than to be in a messy and chaotic one. When you come home after work, all you want to do is relax after a long day. If your house is a complete mess, it can actually add to your stress levels. I’ve been with CME for , about 3 years and 3 different houses. The staff are all friendly and do a wonderful job cleaning our house. Today, we are in a new rental home and it was recommended that the shower door needed a paste to get the hard water stains off. Nope, no paste was needed...just elbow grease and the shower door looks brand new! Tipping is neither required nor expected, but it is greatly appreciated by the Crew and a great way of saying “Thanks”. 100% of tips go directly to the Crew that provided the cleaning. If tipping, we recommend cash in a marked envelope (otherwise it#8217;ll be viewed as you just left money lying around). Since we do not accept checks, the only other option for tipping is to call or text us in the office with instructions on how much tip should be added to the final card-charge.


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