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Sophie loves nothing more than finding you the jewel / perfect piece of jewellery to put a smile on your face.  

The workshop based in Hatton Garden is waiting to create the jewellery you are dreaming of. 

Find the that special piece/ perfect piece of antique jewellery, a modern contemporary piece.

Jewellery captures your story, your style, your vibe.  Sophie selects jewels that capture timeless effortless elegance, that treasure truly personal to you, that inspire you, excite you, that capture the essence of you.  

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"I believe jewellery should give you that feeling, that feeling that makes your heart soar."


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MARQUIS does engagement rings a little differently...

Sophie loves to celebrate love. 

Finding the perfect engagement ring should be stress free and fun, and that's what Sophie makes it.  She finds it most rewarding when you are involved in every step of the journey, and is here to help answer all the questions you feel like you should already know the answer to. 

Sophie is here to guide you through creating the bespoke ring of your dreams, from selecting the stones, crafting the ring in the workshop, 

Your love story is special and cont

Sophie looks beyond the wedding day to create an engagement ring that will fit perfectly with your wedding band, and beyond to your eternity band in the future.  

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Buying an engagement ring feels like a big deal, and can be really daunting.  Whether you know exactly what you want, know all all about the 4c's (5 in Sophie's book), or have no idea what you are looking for, Sophie is here to be your bridal guru and help you find the perfect ring.

Sophie will take you through the process

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Find meaningful gifts for all of life's moments, big or small, that celebrate every milestone of just a Thursday, or just the everyday.

Sophie will take you through the process

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Every birthday Sophie gives herself a 'To me, love me x' present.  

Life is about giving and there is an art to finding the perfect gift.  Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a thank you, Valentines, new baby, you want to gift yourself some love, or just because, Sophie is here to help you find the artfully wrapped gift that puts that smile on their face and you're rewarded withs equals of joy.  

Sophie has got you covered to find the perfect gift that gets them.  

Jewellery makes the perfect meaningful mark to celebrating your achievements, anniversaries and milestones. .  

From a pair of diamond studs to say thank you for a year of wedded bliss, to an eternity band to celerabte a new arrival, Sophie can guide to in finding a gift that's worthy of the moment / every moment.  

There is no better way to say thank you than a little box.  Love comes in all forms and we understand the importance of bonds between mothers and daughters, sisters and firends.  There's no better way to say thank you, to those who brought your big day to life.  

Ultimate gifts, 

bridal party gifts

anniversary gifts

jewellery for the big day - say 'I do in', dance all night in, wake up in, and wear forever more... find the perfect piece of bridal jewellery, or your something blue.  petal, diamond.  

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Turquoise Stone


The giving keeps giving.  

With our offset gifting, whenever you purchase a jewel or service from Marquis, you have the opportunity to give a proportion to a charitable cause.  

Not only are you gifting a beautiful present that will have squeals of joy, you have the opportunity for you gift to do good.  

At Marquis gifting does good. 

Doesn't giving feel good?

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Jewelry Sketches



Commission your one-of-a-kind piece and create the jewel of your dreams. Spend time with Sophie and let her translate your likes and story into a unique piece of jewellery to be passed down to future generations as a treasured heirloom.

From a single ring to a suite of jewellery, Sophie is here to create the perfect piece that tells your story, captures a moment in time and is loved by you. 

Sophie will design a piece inspired by you. 

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Exceeding Expectations

Sophie believes jewellery should be worn and loved.  

Our jewellery tells a story that will outlive us, she loves wearing pieces passed down generations.  Sometimes our inherited pieces aren't right for our lifestyles now and having them redesigned into a piece of jewellery you can enjoy; that eventually your great granddaughter will enjoy. Sophie sympathetically resigns.  

If rediesigning a family heirloom, giving new life to an old engagement ring, it is time to wear your jewellery.  

One of Sophie's favourite pieces is the inherited engagement ring from a great aunt, whose fiancé went to war, not to return home to his love.  These pieces tell your history, your personal story; Sophie wears this promise as a necklace, as a token of love.  

One of 

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Spinels are Sophie's favourite gemstone, they speak to her heart and she loves the mesmerising colours they come in.  As a gemmologist, she can guide you to the gemstone that feels right to you; from a stunning sapphire, a radiant ruby, a brilliant pink diamond to the electric Paraiba tourmaline.  Whatever size, shape or type of gemstone you are looking for, Sophie will hand-select a gemstone full of character, that speaks to your heart.

 Create jewellery that Generations of women will wear and adore gift wrap the best presents come I nthe smallest packages

jewellery symbolises moments in team that are captured in precious, lasting form.  

treat yourself, treat those oyu love, spoil someone special or seek some advice, arrange a chat over the phone, virtual meeting or book and appointment.  treasured gift 


As a jewellery expert Sophie is on hand to answer any questions and book online consultations

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