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Valuations ensure you are covered and know the value of your items in the market. They may be needed to insure you against damage, loss or theft, calculate inheritance tax, aid in a divorce settlement, or to negotiate the security against a loan.  

A valuation is a comprehensive, researched assessment comprising a detailed report schedule, images of each item and a value determined by the purpose of your valuation.  

Valuations are a highly specialised profession requiring in-depth knowledge of materials, gemstone identification (gemmology) and diamond grading with jewellery, manufacturing processes, makers, styles and trends, combined with an understanding of the market. 


The home visit service brings me to you. For larger collections or for your peace of mind, I'll appraise your treasured items from the privacy, convenience and security of your own home, knowing that they don't need to be sent away to be valued.  Aware that you do not want to be apart from your cherished pieces, I also offer collection/delivery valuations with a quick turnaround.  

What do you need to provide?

Please provide all existing paperwork; original purchase receipts, records of repairs and servicing, previous valuations, certificates or gemstone grading reports, to establish a record of ownership.  If possible, in the view of time constraints, it would be very helpful, although not essential to clean the items before appraisal.  

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Clients include private collectors, corporations, investment advisers, family offices, art finance firms, insurance companies, and legal advisers; all benefitting from Sophie's discretion and expertise.

For trade valuations please get in touch. 

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A valuation for Insurance provides proof of the value of your items and enables a fair premium to be calculated.  Your insurer will require a professional valuation in the event of loss, theft or damage to process your claim.  

To make sure you are covered, it is important to update your valuations every 3-5 years due to fluctuations in the market.  To be fully insured your items may need to be listed separately on your contents insurance policy.  


A Division of Assets Valuation helps individual parties divide their assets fairly.  

In the event of divorce proceedings or separation, the division of assets valuation provides couples and their advisers a report to enable the division of jointly owned assets and help agree a settlement. 

Within a business context, the valuation enables assets to be divided within a company or partnership. 


Probate Valuation is a report that provides details of the assets and their value to calculate inheritance tax.  The value represents the amount the item would achieve on the open market and provides the executor with the details to enact wishes in distribution of an estate.  

I understand the emotion and stress probate can bring and work sympathetically with the family and legal parties to ease the process.  


Reports are often required to provide a description, record and condition of the item.  Valuation reports are provided for:

  • Sale by private treaty

  • Cash liquidation and realisation

  • Forced sale

  • Loan or security

  • Capital gains tax

  • Donations report

  • Estate planning

  • Guardianship


If your item has been lost, stolen or damaged and you do not have a recent valuation or purchase receipt, your Insurers have asked you to provide replacement estimates.  

The post-loss assessment report assists in your claim to your insurance company as it provides an estimated market-driven figure of information regarding your item if you do not have an up-to-date valuation.


If you are purchasing from auction, privately, from a gallery, dealer or art fair you want the assurance you are paying a fair price.

The pre-sale report along with the Vetting Service, appraises the item a determines an independent figure.  You can then confidently proceed with the purchase. 

Similarly if you have an item to sell, the report provides an estimated figure giving you a guideline moving forward.  

The report is provided when using the Bidding/Buying Representation Service.  

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Operating a transparent "charge per item" fee structure for insurance valuations.




Items with a value under approximately £500 are grouped as a set of 5 items and treated as 1 item.  


Diamonds over 2.00cts, fancy coloured diamonds and watches over £15,000.

For exceptional items (such as tiaras or parures) or for larger valuations of 10 items or more, please contact for a price. 

Revaluation half your original fee. 

Fees for valuation services for legal requirements; court appearances, Expert Witness Report, divorce settlement, probate valuation or formal bequeathing of assets when writing a Will are based on hourly rates. 

Half Day Rate: £750

Full Day Rate: £1,500

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Valuation Services are provided throughout the Channel Islands, UK and Worldwide, with travel expenses to be discussed with the client. 

Fees for each valuation are calculated on the amount of work involved and depend on the specific circumstances of each situation, with your best interests in mind. I advise contacting to have a fee tailored to your requirements. 

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What do I do next?

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